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Basic Clicker Training

Attention CPDT Dog Trainers – 21 CEUs Available

Attention Behavior Consultants – 2.5 CEUs  Available

The Clicker Basics Class was build around an ebook that I wrote…  Here is a simple video that you will see again in this class along with many many more videos, handouts, lessons, feedback and suggestions from me on how to train using clicker (marker) training.

4 weeks

Working Spots: $60 / Auditing Spots: $40

You will learn:

The mechanical skills of classic clicker training

Clicker Timing

How to get behaviors through shaping, capturing and luring

Reinforcement techniques

What is reinforcing to dogs

Training Tips and So much MORE!

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Insider Secrets to Canine Freestyle

CPDT CEU’s – Pending 

Are you a dog trainer that is looking for something new to offer your clients?  Are you a dog owner that would like to participate in a fun dog sport and love to spend time with your dog?  If so, then this is just the class for you.

Insider Secrets to Canine Freestyle will teach you the ins and outs of this wonderful dog sport.  You will learn how and what tricks/behaviors to teach your dogs, learning games that make training FUN, how to develop new tricks, choreography ideas, music, putting mini-routines together, training tips,  and so much more. This class has been divided up into 4-four week sessions. Take one session or take all four. Receive a FREE copy of “Insider Secrets to Canine Freestyle” ebook with the purchase of the 16-week class (all 4 sessions).You can sign up at any time as this is a go at your own pace type class.  You will have 4 weeks to complete each session of the class.

Session 1
Week 1: Positive Interrupter, Capturing your dogs attention, Capturing your dogs attention around distractions, Shaping using platforms or other objects, train luring, Using luring to train behaviors, and fading the lure.

Week 2: Building a bank of reinforcers, find what is valuable to your dog, play without toys or food, Build food as a reinforcer if the dog is toy motivated, Build a toy as a reinforcer if the dog is food motivated, learn an easy way to be unpredictable.

Week 3: Shaping training game, staying with distractions, front paw targeting and hind paw targeting.

Week 4: Train Back up, Back up at a distance, Crawling, and wide circles for fun.

Session 2
Week 5: Heel work positions, default settle, side changes, and direction changes.

Week 6: Hand targeting, sustained hand targeting, moving your dog with your hand, train tricks using hand targeting, using target sticks to train behaviors and what can be used as a target stick?.

Week 7: Stationary poses, Release cues, Sit Pretty, and Bow

Week 8: Picking Music, finding the 8 count, working with a 32 count phrase, find your pace to music, find your dogs pace to music, and learn how to use ring space with the Canine Freestyle Pattern/Shape Game.

Session 3
Week 9: 101 things to do with an Object, What can you do? Game, and rear end awareness on a book or platform.

Week 10: Design new tricks by combining two tricks together, creative tricks (dog rolls over as you jump over the dog, limp with the hind leg, and more), and work on creating your own combinations of putting two tricks together.

Week 11: Mirroring, Connecting, Contrasting, and practicing different ways to move with your dog.

Week 12: List Tricks/behaviors, Record keeping, Goal Setting, and Using the Premack Principle to ween off reinforcement.

Session 4
Week 13: Creating Mini-Routines, Back-Chaining, and Back-Chaining your mini- routine.

Week 14: Using Props, tricks to train with props, and creating new tricks with props.

Week 15: Take a basic trick and give it your own style (jazz it up), practice a variety of leg weaves, work on moving dogs in a variety of way to create a new trick or something that is unique to your dog, and work on mini-routines.

Week 16: Work on Routines & Performances

Each Session: Working Spots: $60 / Auditing Spots: $40

All 4 Sessions: Working Spots $220 / Auditing Spots $140
Examples of class work:

Kathy & Zephyr: Canine Freestyle Session 1, working on shaping and combining behaviors…

Kathy & Elsa: Be unpredictable with rewards exercise.

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Play-N-Train Recalls

Attention CPDT Dog Trainers – 21 CEU’s Available

Does your dog come when you call him?  Does your dog choose to come to you instead of chasing a rabbit, when other dogs or distractions are around?  If your answer is no, then this class will help you teach your dog to choose you because you are fun and it pays off to come to you.  Even if your dog is already coming when called, it NEVER hurts to practice this life saving behavior of coming when called.  In addition to teaching your dog to come to you, you will build an amazing relationship with your dog and have a great time doing it.  The games in this class are fun, easy, and anyone can do them.

This Play-N-Train Recall class is geared toward pet dog owners that just want their dog to come to them and be safe in any environment.  If you do dog sports or are the type to take your dog out camping/hiking, this class will be great for you as well.  This class is also great for trainers.  All the games in this class could easily be added to group classes or when working with private clients.

This is a 4 week ONLINE CLASS and each week you will receive 3 interactive fun games to play with your dog. These games will be presented in both video and written assignments. Each assignment only requires 2 – 5 minutes a day of focused play to train your dog to come when called! Your dog will love “working” with you because it is “PLAY” and all about having “FUN” with your best friend (your dog)!  The games come from my Play-N-Train Recalls DVD, YouTube videos and New Games that I am sure NO ONE has ever seen before.

The goal is to train your dog to want to come to you, ANYTIME you call.

You can sign up at any time as this is a go at your own pace type class.  You will have 8 weeks to complete the class.

Working Spots: $60 / Auditing Spots: $40

Here are clips from my Play-N-Train Recalls DVD
Examples of class work & success:

Rock Solid Stay

Attention CPDT Dog Trainers – 22 CEU’s Available

This class is completely designed to help you train your dog to stay.  8 week class with multiple lessons a week.  Each lesson is designed to be fun as well as having a training focus.  You might be thinking how can there be a lesson a day for teaching just a stay?  Well, it is true that when teaching a stay you really do need to mainly focus on duration, distance, and proofing for distractions, but there are a ton of different situations that you may need to train your dog to stay and I will teach you how to work with your dog or dogs (if you have multiple dogs) in those situations.

You will learn how to train your dog to stay using force free training methods.  You will never need to force, intimidate, or punish your dog with my training style.  You and your dog will have fun and build a great relationship in the process.

I have new videos for this class that have never been seen before and will not be posted to YouTube.  If you are a YouTube subscriber, you might see a few videos that I have on YouTube, but many are new videos.

Working Spots: $60 / Auditing Spots: $40

Here are a few examples of things you will learn in the class:

  • Train your dog to sit, down, and stand
  • Stay for duration, distance and distractions
  • Settle on a mat
  • Stay on the GO
  • Safety Stays at a distance
  • Stay at the door (One dog, Multiple dogs and even train your cat to stay at the door and not dash outside when the door opens)
  • Stay and Recall (One dog and Multiple dogs)
  • How to reinforce
  • What to use for reinforcement and Building more motivation
  • Clicker Training Basics
  • Hot Dog Stay
  • Stay at a Curb
  • Out of Sight Stay
  • Stay & Release (Drive forward/Drive to handler)
  • Stay on a bed, mat, or couch while another dog is working (multiple dogs)

Loose Leash Walking Exercises

Attention CPDT Dog Trainers – 21 CEUs Available

Attention Behavior Consultants – 2.5 CEUs  Available

This class is for anyone that would like to teach their dog to walk nicely on a loose leash in multiple environments around distractions.  If you are a dog trainer, the exercises in this class could be added to any group class or help you create a Loose Leash Walking class.

Working Spots: $60 / Auditing Spots: $40

Examples of some of the exercises:

Follow to heel

Treats on the ground

Stop when you Stop


Obstacle course

CGC walking in a crowd

Walking multiple dogs and so much more!

8 Weeks

Working Spot $60 / Auditing Spot $40

1 On 1 Coaching

Do you have a specific behavior (behavior problem, trick, agility skill, leash walking, or anything) you need help training?

Do you want personalized one on one help?

Do you live in a place that does not have a lot of positive trainers or live too far from the nearest training facility?

Then online coaching is for you!

$40 for 2 weeks of help

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