One on One Coaching with Pam

Do you have a specific behavior (behavior problem, trick, agility skill, leash walking, or anything) you need help training?

Do you want personalized one on one help?

Do you live in a place that does not have a lot of positive trainers or live too far from the nearest training facility?

Then online coaching is for you!

$40 for 2 weeks of help

4 thoughts on “One on One Coaching with Pam

  1. Michelle borg

    Hi dear Pam

    I’m michelle from Malta and I have 2 Boston terriers males one is 2 yrs 7 months and the other one is 8 months old still a pup! I need some help with them the eldest one I taught him a lot of tricks but When I go some where new he get really exited and he start to pull and the puppy he’s really good but when I train him outside he comes really distracted with every noise dogs and every thing and he doesn’t work well for me and I’m really confused if I’m not doing the right training my self! I use meat as treats out side and he like them but sometimes he do care about the treats and out side is more interesting then what I’m asking him to do ! I watched a lot of yours tutorial and of kikopup and I love the way you and Emily teach dogs. Just to let you know that my both dogs are Not neutered! I really need some good tips about walking with no pulling and about the puppy issues!

    Thanks so much
    Hope to hear very soon
    Kind regards

  2. Karen

    Hi Pam, I watched your puppy’s 1st crate training video, and the clicker basics one, so two videos total. I don’t know if you have more videos or I would need to sign up for training or what exactly. My lab puppy is 7 1/2 weeks old. I need help with potty training. We take him out all the time and most of the time is does well but still has at least 2-4 accidents a day.
    The things I need help with are crate training during the day and at night. And potty training. Those are my main goals for right now.
    thanks so much

    1. Pamela Johnson Post author

      I have a one on one coaching online class where I help you with any issue you are having. It is $40 for two weeks of help.

      I also have my Performance Puppy Tips on Facebook where I am working with my new puppy that is 12 weeks old. It is $25 for 8 weeks or 5 sessions of 8 weeks (which is pretty much her entire first year of life) for $100 (to pay for this you would send a direct payment through PayPal to I have posted a few things on potty training but go over many different puppy tips as well as post video of me working with my new puppy on a variety of behaviors that I am teaching her…


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