Play-N-Train Recalls: Class Description

Attention CPDT Dog Trainers – 21 CEU’s Available

Does your dog come when you call him?  Does your dog choose to come to you instead of chasing a rabbit, when other dogs or distractions are around?  If your answer is no, then this class will help you teach your dog to choose you because you are fun and it pays off to come to you.  Even if your dog is already coming when called, it NEVER hurts to practice this life saving behavior of coming when called.  In addition to teaching your dog to come to you, you will build an amazing relationship with your dog and have a great time doing it.  The games in this class are fun, easy, and anyone can do them.

This Play-N-Train Recall class is geared toward pet dog owners that just want their dog to come to them and be safe in any environment.  If you do dog sports or are the type to take your dog out camping/hiking, this class will be great for you as well.  This class is also great for trainers.  All the games in this class could easily be added to group classes or when working with private clients.

This is a 4 week ONLINE CLASS and each week you will receive 3 interactive fun games to play with your dog. These games will be presented in both video and written assignments. Each assignment only requires 2 – 5 minutes a day of focused play to train your dog to come when called! Your dog will love “working” with you because it is “PLAY” and all about having “FUN” with your best friend (your dog)!  The games come from my Play-N-Train Recalls DVD, YouTube videos and New Games that I am sure NO ONE has ever seen before.

The goal is to train your dog to want to come to you, ANYTIME you call.

You can sign up at any time as this is a go at your own pace type class.  You will have 8 weeks to complete the class.

Working Spots: $60 / Auditing Spots: $40

Here are clips from my Play-N-Train Recalls DVD
Examples of class work & success:


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