Play-N-Train Recalls

Welcome to Play-N-Train Recalls!

This is a meant to be a FUN class that will teach you to train your dog or your clients dogs to come when called.  If something is fun we will be more likely to want to do it.  So, if we make training a dog to come when called more like play than actual training, the trainer and the dog will want to participate in the learning process.

Lessons are already up on the website.  Each lesson will have information to help you understand how to train each game with a handout (usually the handout is given at lesson 1 for the entire week), written instructions and a video to show you how to train a particular recall game.  Next, you will go out and video tape your training session, upload your footage to YouTube, and post your URL to the website under the lesson you did.  I will watch your video and give you positive specific feedback and help you with suggestions if needed.

If you ever have questions, please ask!  I am happy to help and want you and your dog to be successful!

Have a great time training and building your amazing relationship with your dog!

You will learn many of the games that are in my Play-N-Train Recall DVD, YouTube Videos and New Recall Games that I am pretty sure NO ONE has heard of.  🙂

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