Rock Solid Stay: Class Description

Attention CPDT Dog Trainers – 22 CEU’s Available

This class is completely designed to help you train your dog to stay. 8 week class with multiple lessons a week. Each lesson is designed to be fun as well as having a training focus. You might be thinking how can there be a lesson a day for teaching just a stay? Well, it is true that when teaching a stay you really do need to mainly focus on duration, distance, and proofing for distractions, but there are a ton of different situations that you may need to train your dog to stay and I will teach you how to work with your dog or dogs (if you have multiple dogs) in those situations.

You will learn how to train your dog to stay using force free training methods. You will never need to force, intimidate, or punish your dog with my training style. You and your dog will have fun and build a great relationship in the process.

I have new videos for this class that have never been seen before and will not be posted to YouTube. If you are a YouTube subscriber, you might see a few videos that I have on YouTube, but many are new videos.

Working Spots: $60 / Auditing Spots: $40

Here are a few examples of things you will learn in the class:

Train your dog to sit, down, and stand
Stay for duration, distance and distractions
Settle on a mat
Stay on the GO
Safety Stays at a distance
Stay at the door (One dog, Multiple dogs and even train your cat to stay at the door and not dash outside when the door opens)
Stay and Recall (One dog and Multiple dogs)
How to reinforce
What to use for reinforcement and Building more motivation
Clicker Training Basics
Hot Dog Stay
Stay at a Curb
Out of Sight Stay
Stay & Release (Drive forward/Drive to handler)
Stay on a bed, mat, or couch while another dog is working (multiple dogs)

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